Comparing Nursing Homes

Before one chooses a nursing home, a considerable amount of due diligence is required to ensure you’re not making the wrong choice.  As part of the due diligence process, it is important to check the facility’s history.  The following link: provides a resource to compare nursing homes who participate in the Medicare or Medicaid programs.  You can find information about the facility’s past inspections, complaints, licenses, staffing resources (or lack thereof) and quality care reviews.

If the facility you are considering does not participate in Medicare or Medicaid, contact your state survey agency at

Before you choose a home, consult with an elder abuse professional.  There are certain regulations nursing homes must satisfy and a professional can assist you in determining whether the home under consideration satisfies those regulations.

Jeff Aidikoff is an elder abuse attorney in Beverly Hills, CA.  For questions or a free consultation call 800-981-5932.

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