UC Berkley Student Accused of Stealing $842,000

A UC Berkeley student and her husband are in an Alameda County jail facing charges of  elder abuse after stealing $842,000 from a mentally handicapped 69-year-old man. Adriana Rodezno and Jeffrey Alexander are accused of spending the money to support a “lavish lifestyle” including spending $17,000 on a Audi coupe, $12,000 on Apple products, $8,000 for personal training sessions and other expenses adding up to $400,000 on the victim’s credit card alone. $86,000 was spent on Rodezno’s UC Berkley tuition.

The 69-year-old victim met Alexander after his wife died. They came friends and Alexander slowly began to assist the victim with personal matters. Alexander convinced the victim to move from Santa Barbara to Berkeley so that they could be closer to his wife Rodezno. The victim states that he originally gave Alexander $125,000 to invest in foreign currency; the rest of the money was used without his permission.

Rodezno says that she did not know that her husband was stealing the money and that it had been earned from her husband’s currency trading. However, when purchasing the car Rodezno apparently stated that the money came from her grandfather.

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