Elder Neglect Leads to Elder Death

The Minnesota Department of Health just released a report finding that a nursing home’s failure to provide medication to a resident resulted in his death. The Fairview University Transitional in Minneapolis failed to provide an anticoagulant medication, used to prevent blood clots, causing the resident to go into cardiac arrest and die from blood clots in his lungs.

The Department of Health’s report stated that …”neglect is substantiated when the resident did not receive heparin during the fourteen days that he was at the facility.” The nursing home failed to review the medical information pertaining to the resident. The MDH found that “the facility’s policies and procedures did not provide an effective system of reviewing all medical information pertaining to the treatment of the resident.”

According to the Star Tribune, the  Fairview nursing home disputes the state investigation findings: “Officials from the home called the incident an ‘isolated event’ that does not support a finding of neglect, according to the report. They also argued that ‘it is unlikely’ that the lapse led to the blood clots.

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