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Elder and Nursing Home Abuse 

Elder abuse is a serious problem affecting thousands of victims across California each year.  Aidikoff Law represents individuals and their estates in claims against health-care facilities, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospice care providers and other assisted living providers for abuse, neglect and exploitation. 


If you have witnessed elder abuse, or one of your loved ones has been abused, you should consult a legal professional immediately. There are time-sensitive issues under the California Elder Abuse Law and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (EADACPA) that should be addressed. Call us today.

Signs of Elder and Nursing Home Abuse:

  •  Multiple bruises in various stages of healing

  •  Unexplained bruises or injuries

  •  Multiple/repeat injuries

  •  Low self-esteem or loss of self determination

  •  Withdrawn, passive

  •  Fearful

  •  Depressed, hopeless

  •  Soiled linen or clothing

  •  Social Isolation


Signs of Elder and Nursing Home Neglect:

  •  Dehydration

  •  Mal-nourishment

  •  Inappropriate or soiled clothing

  •  Odorous

  •  Over/under medicated

  •  Deserted, abandoned or unattended

  •  Lack of medical necessities or assistive devices

  •  Unclean environment

  •  Social Isolation


In addition, Los Angeles County, CA, has approximately 160,000 cases of elder and nursing home abuse every year, with most of these cases going unreported . Los Angeles County alone represents over 25% of all cases in California. Los Angeles is followed by Orange County at approximately 53,000 cases, or 8.4% of the state’s cases of elderly abuse. HELP REPORT ELDER ABUSE TODAY.


  1. Those that hire workers without a background check: Because an elderly person will be allowing someone in their home to assist them, it is very important that they know whether or not that person has been convicted of crimes in the past.

  2. Those that hire ex-convicts: If a company does background checks but still hires ex-convicts, individuals looking to hire a homecare worker should not do business with them, for obvious reasons.

  3. Those with a history of elderly abuse or theft: If certain companies are known for having workers on staff that abuse or steal from elderly clients, these are businesses that an individual will not want to work with. Conduct proper due diligence on any homecare service provider you are considering using. You would be surprised at how many care providers have a reputation for abuse and exploitation that could be easily discovered if you do your homework.