Death with Dignity and the Elderly Population- CA’s SB 128.

A recent opinion piece in the Modesto Bee discusses the consequences of a proposed “Death with Dignity” Bill in California (“Senate Bill 128” or “SB128”). The author raises interesting questions about a topic recently brought to light by the public death of Brittany Maynard, an advocate who succumb to brain cancer in November 2014. She moved from California to Oregon where assisted suicide for terminal patients is legal and in doing so, became the inspiration for the bill currently making its way through the California legislature.

As the Modesto article highlights, SB 128 lacks safeguards for the elderly population. Specifically, “Nothing in the proposed assisted suicide law protects patients when family pressures, whether financial or emotional, distort the ill person’s choice. And nothing prevents an heir, who stands to benefit from the patient’s death, from helping the patient sign up for the lethal dose.”

Although there are no fool proof methods to prevent people from stealing, a complete disregard for the most vulnerable in our population seems a disastrous omission. Aidikoff Law is currently lobbying the California legislature to help amend the language of SB128 in it’s current form to ensure the elderly in California remain protected in light of the dangers SB 128 poses.

For the full article from the Modesto Bee click here.

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